Hello, I'm

Gregory Thomas

Software Engineer in Cambridge, UK


I have spent 6+ years being a full-stack software engineer for companies large and small.

"Solving the problem" for your business is my goal; message me to discuss your requirements.


  • Extensive experience with Android (Java), Python, HTML, CSS, Git
  • Experience with Kotlin, C#, Xamarin, Swift, Javascript, Google App Engine, SQL databases, Azure Notification Hubs
  • Some experience with RxJava, Room, RetroFit, BGScript


//Work projects


  • Software: I code in my spare time and share it via GitLab / GitHub. I add knowledge to my CompSci Knowledgebase, a publicly-available resource.
  • Servers: I like data backups, scripting and automation; my Linux servers are mirrored securely via rsync over a Virtual Private Network.
  • Music: I play both drums and guitar in bands and at music jams.

Recent projects

  • backstack.js: a frontend library to help provide a mobile-like user-experience for web.
  • calendar: a Kotlin Android app with a Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture and custom-made backstack.
  • Auto-ripper: a simple script to auto-rip owned CDs to .FLAC on disc-insertion